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Pharmacogenetic / Genetic tests can help physicians personalize medications & therapy.

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Blood Testing

Lab Express has a central full medical laboratory for specimen collection and processing.

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Confidence In Testing

Providing Certified and Professional Clinical Laboratory Testing for over 25 Years.


Know in detail what Medications & Drugs Patients are taking without masking the results.

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COVID 19 Testing

COVID 19 Lab Testing Available.

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Improving clinical outcomes

Lab Express through the years has also provided outsourced services to thousands of customers from most healthcare disciplines across the US.

Our goal is to advance the development and delivery of healthcare and consumer products by providing the highest quality testing possible.

Fast Results. Quick Turn Around.

Lab Express offers fast turn around time of 3 business days or less. This means that physicians can ensure timely availability of patient’s genetic and other lab results and reports.

Lab Express offers scientifically valid and clinical relevant diagnostic tests to the healthcare community. All testing is performed using validated and well-established protocols.

Lab Express LLC is a CLIA-certified laboratory offering professional Clinical Testing Services, Blood Testing, Toxicology Testing Services & PGx/Genetic Services. Lab Express provides crucial diagnostic information that supports and enhances decisions people make to improve patients’ health.

We combine the latest in science and technology with a dedicated team of medical experts and account staff to empower excellence in personal care.


Why Lab Express? Experienced team, state-of-the art laboratory..

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The Trusted Provider of Laboratory Services

We are passionate about developing innovative, ground-breaking tests, products and tools to enhance patient care, provide value to our clients, and transform information into insights.

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Saturday: 9AM-2PM

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