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Wellness Panels

Our long-term goal at Lab Express is to research and publish innovative anti-aging and optimal health strategies. The laboratory services we offer are at the forefront of our efforts to help you head off problems or deal with them more effectively.

Our Health & Wellness panels include:
    •    Metabolic and Chemistry Panels
    •    Hormone Testing
    •    Cardiovascular Risk Assessments
    •    Cancer Markers
    •    Vitamin, Mineral and Antioxidant Testing

These panels are designed to provide invaluable information for you and your doctor … to help diagnose disease, develop treatment strategies, and personalize wellness profiles.

Employment Screening

Building and maintaining a healthy, productive workforce means a healthier bottom line. For this reason Lab Express offers customizable pre- and post-hire employee screening programs that assist in optimizing workforce productivity. Our services include drug-free workplace testing and employee wellness programs.

Homebound Patients

Lab Express offers convenient and responsive home health services. Patients who are unable to come to the lab can call their physician or their health care agency and avail the services of our trained phlebotomists’ services. We make it a point to understand your specific needs and align our processes with yours, providing the flexible, individualized partnership you deserve.

Providing services to:

  • Skilled Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Livings
  • Group Homes
  • Independent Livings
  • Private Homes


The Trusted Provider of Laboratory Services

We are passionate about developing innovative, ground-breaking tests, products and tools to enhance patient care, provide value to our clients, and transform information into insights.

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Mon-Friday: 8AM-5PM

Saturday: 9AM-2PM

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