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Lab Express LLC provides custom toxicology testing solutions for all your testing needs.  We offer you a wide menu of clinical laboratory tests designed to help you provide effective patient care – from diagnosis to drug therapy to compliance. Lab Express can also provide you with custom-designed services to meet your needs.


Clinical Toxicology is the measurement and interpretation of concentrations of drugs and other toxic substance in human biological fluids for the purpose of patient care. This testing may be necessary when multiple drug ingestion is involved, as the effects of one drug may mask the clinical signs and symptoms of the effects of other drugs.

The laboratory test results provide information to the clinician who can make a clinical diagnosis and provide therapy as needed.

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Prescription Drug Monitoring Services are designed to assist the pain management physician in answering two critical questions concerning patient use of medications:

Are your patients properly taking the medications you are prescribing?
Are your patients taking other drugs that may interfere with medications you are prescribing?

Lab Express Has The Answers..

  • Additional metabolites such as norhydrocodone, norcodeine, noroxycodone & norfentanyl
  • Tests for tapentadol, buprenorphine,tramadol, pregadalin, gabapentin, cotinine, ethyl glucuronide (ethanol metabolite) and many other drugs.
  • Specimen Validity Testing of urine specimens (creatinine, pH, specific gravity, adulterant additives)
  • Micro analysis, if needed (15cc of urine)
  • Overnight specimen transportation
  • Collection kits and laboratory request forms
  • Fast Turn Around Time
  • Expert witness and litigation support services


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